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sites which really pay

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There are so many people in this world who want to achieve in their life..
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if u already know what actually a ptc is..
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There are so many sites which actually promise to pay you in dollars if you just sign up or refer their site to your friends , but once their job is done you become the loosers!!!!!! There are so many sites which follow different ways and attractive terms and offers to cheat people like you, who are in search of genuine opportunities to earn income online.

And I am not exceptional from the list ,I have been scammed many times by these sites and finally after some two years of online research I found out the sites which really pay their members.
And I feel it as a honour to share those sites with you who are going to be benefitted without being scammed once again.
Happy earning…

Free Paid email below have multiple ways to make money for free from paid to click , paid email , sign-up , offers , paid to click banners , surveys , and more ways to earn from these free paid email programs . Also if you use these paid email programs to promote others you can create a residual income from other peoples work at these free paid email programs .. Each website has its own timer strategy. These are for international members. So all can join. The users are paid through alertpay, paypal, egold, moneybookers, libertyresreve etc. We have been paid by them many times. These all can be done as part time job/s and that too without any investment or fee. Sign up with them and start earning instantly.


Before knowing the genuine ways of earning and sites which really pay here is a list of scam sites ..
List Of Scam

How it works
There are some websites which pay you for clicking the ads on their websites. These websites are called PTC websites. Your account is credited with money for each click instantly. When you reach a certain limit (which is variable as per the websites), this amount if transferred to your online money bank called Paypal. If you do not have a paypal account, you will need to make one. Its free of cost.

What we have done is, we have compiled a list of all such websites which will pay you for clicking their ads. This will increase your daily income and all this clicking procedure doesn't take more than 2 hours a day. If you work as I just mentioned, you will earn atleast $15 daily which means Rs 18,000 a month. To increase your income, you can always refer your friends as your downlines. When they work, you get as much as they earn, so this multiplies your income. For eg. if you refer 3 friends, then your total monthly income will be :

18,000 (Your Income) + 18,000 X 3 (Commission from your 3 friends/referrals) = Rs 72,000 (1500 $)

Following are the steps how you need to work(actually you don’t work!!!!!):

1. Go to and alertpay

and register there. You will need this Paypal and Alertpay Personal account at time of registration with other websites. While registering it will ask for your Credit Card Information Click on cancel still your account is created at that time as it is not compulsory but surely u can add it later when u get paid by different websites and have a good amount in your paypal account.

2. While registration, many websites will ask your Paypal Identity. You need to mention your Paypal email address or the email address you used while registration with Paypal .its better you have the same login name and password for all your sites,so as it wll be easy for you to login.
3.there will be an option called autofill in your google toolbar,just click it and all your registration forms will get filled automatically.
Once you are done with registrations with all these websites, open all of them and login into them.

4. Every PTC website will have a button to open the advertisements page, it could be named like "Browse Ads", "Surf Ads", "Start Earning", "Earn Money", "View Ads" etc. Just locate this button and click on it to go to the advertisements page.

5. When you are on advertisements page, you will see several links. Each link will fetch you money, instantly. Click on one link at a time and let it open. Clicking on the link will open the page in new window. A countdown will start on the top of the page, wait for it to get over. Once the countdown is over, a "$" or tick will appear, which means that your account is credited.

6. Do not open any other advertisement from the same website until the countdown of the previous advertisement is over. That can cancel your credit for that click.

7. Smart Tip: You cannot open two advertisements from the same website at a time, but you can always open advertisements from different websites at a time. You can open several or all the website all along, and login into them and go to advertisements page. Now click on one advertisement from each website. By the time you click advertisement from the last website, the countdown of the advertisement from first website will be over and you will be able to earn money faster than ever.

8. Every PTC website has a page where it shows how much advertisements have you clicked and how much balance is there in your account. You can only transfer this money balance once it reaches the minimum limit assigned by the owner of that website. The button to go to this page is normally named as "Members", "Your Stats", "My Stats" etc. This page will show you how much money you have earned. Once you reach the minimum limit, you can transfer that money to your Paypal account.

9. Once the money reach your Paypal account, you can transfer it conveniently to your Bank, or call for a cheque or credit the amount to your credit card.

If you are not still confident of the above programs
Here is the proof of payments that our members have received
Proofs of payment.
Proofs of payment from Indian and non Indian websites
See the proofs of payment from International websites
See the proofs of payment form Indian websites
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Get paid for searching the net with
My search,

And ...i forgot to tell you..
there are many social networking sites like orkut , facebook , friendster , etc.. these dont pay.

but "" mylot "", which is trusted than anyother ptc site pays for doing online activities!!!!!!!

Here is the list of sites which really pay..and if you can spend atleast 2 hours online daily clicking ads from all these sites and referring others I promse you can earn from 300$ - 500$ monthly…

The new revolution in PTC has arrived!

the site contains various genuine methods of arnong online.And a list of scamless paid to click sites which really pay.

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atleast spend one hour online daily to earn """"300-500$$ a month initially"""""!!!!!

Website development is a continuous process and you will find always new things added on this website on your next visit. So keep coming and stay tuned and keep your knowledge about earning through internet updated. Please note, Don't forget to verify your email id after signing up with any website else you won't be able to earn anything. Happy earnings to all of you and enjoy.

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